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Dear costumers,

On this page we present our products to give you a flavor of our concept. You will find below the techniques and some application examples for our hair care products.

With its brand DEVANCE-COSMETIQUES, LIVENat reinvents hair care products. This new generation of formulations never introduce hitherto consists of freeze-dried hair care products.

The freeze-drying method is well known in the food industry. We use the freeze-drying method to preserve the naturally extract active components carefully. The freeze-drying method allows us to produce a perfectly structured powder.

When put in contact with water during 10 seconds using a microwave oven, the powder reveals it true nature and come back to its initial structure: a gel of softness. The freshly prepared gel will act deeper on the hair than a serum or a hair mask. The freshly obtained gel is airier than standard hair oil and allows the hair to move and breathe freely.

When applied on damaged hair, the DEVANCE-COSMETIQUES hair care revives the damaged hair. The hair regains its natural beauty, shine and magnificence.


DEVANCE COSMETIQUES hair care products are true complex of nature. The main components of our freshly prepared gel like Maranta Arundinaea and hibiscus fruit, act as a nourishing coating on the hair. It is due the softness of the mucilage present in the formulation. Silk and natural active ingredients from cereal like flax, and rice and corn provide nourishing proteins. Combining the mucilage and the anti-oxidants as tamanu, optimize the fatty acids concentration.

Available as monodose format, DEVANCE COSMETIQUES hair care products could be used as truly cure from the first application.

  • Our products contain 100% active ingredients from natural raw materials
  • More than 99% elements from natural source – of which 95% natural and organic.
  • No animal testing.
  • Guaranteed without preservatives and surfactant free
  • Formulated without additives to decrease allergies and environmental footprint.
  • Made in France.
  • Raw materials from farmers and fair trade.
  • Monodose format to preserve the natural actives ingredients and to optimize stock management.


As punctual treatment or as in-depth treatment, our products bring health and beauty to the hair.

DEVANCE COSMETIQUES could be used as repairing treatment in relooking steps like dyeing and straightening. Our hair care products will revive the beauty of the hair.

For in-depth treatment, DEVANCE COSMETIQUES advises a one month luxurious treatment as follows:

  • A professional diagnostic to assess the hair health through the hairdresser starting from the first day and then on 15th day and 30th day.
  • One application of the right treatment following a spa ritual (long chair, massage, hot towel…) starting from the first day and then on 15th day and 30th day

Regardless of the treatment selected, with DEVANCE COSMETIQUES, the preparation will always be homemade just before application.


DEVANCE COSMETIQUES has a range of 4 hair care products for hair treatment.

Exclusively available in salons and designed for all types of hair.

  • MOISTURISING TREATMENT for dry and damaged hair
  • NOURISHING TREATMENT for curly, frizzy and afro hair
  • COLOR-ASSIST TREATMENT for color-treated hair
  • RESTORATIVE TREATMENT for overworked hair

All 4 treatments are prepared following the same procedure. The treatments have to be prepared by a professional before application. The gel is prepared using a mixing pod and eventually a frother device.

MOISTURISING TREATMENT – Concentrated hydra-nutritive treatment – For Dry and Damaged Hair

Thanks to the moiturising active ingredients dispersed in our patented oligosaccharide matrix, this natural treatment will efficiently repair dry and damaged hair. Our oligosaccharide matrix is tailored from tropical maranta and hibiscus fruit. The added natural triglycerides act as hair protective agent and lead to a complete result. This innovative formula is Free from paraben and surfactant. It is suitable for itchy scalp.

KEY ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: urea, cystein, squalane from vegetable and triglycerides

RESULTS: The hair is moisturised intensively in the long term and easy to comb.

 NOURISHING TREATMENT – Concentrated oleo-nutritive treatment – For Curly, frizzy and Afro Hair

Absolute nutritive treatment: this subtle blend made of naturally rich film-forming tropical ingredients and vitamin E enhanced with the botox-like effect of aloe vera, tightens the cuticles and nourishes brittle hair.

KEY ACTIVES: Aloe Vera, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter

RESULTS: The hair is easier to comb, soft and shiny in the long term.

COLOR-ASSIST TREATMENT – Concentrated anti-UV treatment – For Color-treated Hair

The active ingredients are dispersed in our patented oligosaccharide matrix tailored from tropical maranta and hibiscus fruit. The precious tamanu oil naturally rich in vitamin E is the main component in this hair care and provides a real anti-UV barrier. The other actives as sweet almond oil, ceramides and panthenol allow the reconditioning of devitalized hair.

KEY ACTIVES INGREDIENTS: Tamanu oil, ceramides, vitamin E, sweet almond oil

RESULTS: The hair is easier to comb, soft and shiny in the long term.

RESTORATIVE TREATMENT – Concentrated intensive treatment – For Overworked Hair

The active ingredients are dispersed in our patented oligosaccharide matrix tailored from tropical maranta and hibiscus fruit. This treatment contains natural oligosaccharides with filming properties and mimics hair lipids with restorative properties. The hair regains strength, vitality and its natural elasticity.

KEY ACTIVES: Jojobal oil, argan oil, aloe vera.

RESULTS: The thin hair is naturally strengthened and protected against external embrittlement in the long term.

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