About LIVENat

Located in the Cosmetic Valley, the “Laboratoire d’Innovation et de  Valorisation d’Eléments Naturels (Logo LIVENAT-OK)” provides several services:

  • R&D in cosmetics,flacon
  • Cosmetics production,
  • Consulting and  services related to cosmetics and hair care products derived from natural products.

 Logo LIVENAT-OK is specialized in  applied nanotechnology and keep a sustainable approach to develop its cosmetics. As an example, the packaging used to sell the products is made of recycled cardboard and reduce to minimum requirement to reduce weight and shipping cost.

Logo LIVENAT-OK´s  research is dedicated to the formulation  nano-structured and  highly concentrated cosmetics to reduce packaging and shipping cost and improve products preservation.

Combining both nature and innovation, Logo LIVENAT-OK works to develop phytocosmetics for  hair professionals.

La Nature Sublimée